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Friday, March 21, 2008

Sarah Jessica Parker vs. Maxim Magazine

Sarah Jessica Parker has taken offense to a Maxim Magazine article that declares her to be the "World's Un-Sexiest Woman".

Though, she may not be the sexiest woman in the world, she's right to be peeved. She should not even make the list of the "World's Un-Sexiest Celebrities". For a 40-something actress, Sarah's pretty hot and holds her own with many in her profession.

Acting can be a long carrier but being a celebrity, in the "Lime Light", as well, is not such a luxury most actors can reach or sustain. Sarah Jessica Parker has been in that category her entire life. Her "Lime Light" has never faded but only gotten brighter.

Sarah has been able to successfully move from stage to screen to television and had a successful advertising side career as well, which depicts her as being "Lovely" and someone we "Covet".

In addition, she has a long marriage to an equally successful actor, the very cool, Matthew Broderick. They can certainly be considered a "Power Couple" and they don't even live in Hollywood. I don't know their net worth but I imagine, they ain't hurt'n for dough.

All of this while not ever having been arrested, in rehab, strung out on dope or depicted as a child actor gone bad. Now that's sexy.