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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Oooh! Look at the Scary Man...

...with the Scared, Out of Her Wits, White Woman

Is race still such a hot button that we have to hear bullshit about magazine covers like, "It conjures up this idea of a dangerous black man," from nobodies like Tamara Walker, 29, of Philadelphia. Did someone really have to pull her aside and ask her opinion. She probably made it up so that we could see her quoted.

Maybe Tamara should have made the most of her 15 minutes and added: What's LeBron going to do? Bludgeon her with the basketball or stomp her to death and risk staining his "Kicks". Gisele Bundchen looks terrified; doesn't she? What a helpless victim. There must have been another man, holding her at gun point, for this tragic event to of happened. What did they do to poor Tom Brady? Thank God someone was there to record the whole tragedy as it unfolded. Where did he go afterward? He must have gone to a dog fight.

Do we also have to hear from so called experts like Samir Husni, a magazine analyst, who believes the photo was deliberately provocative. He said that it "screams King Kong." "Considering Vogue's influential history", he added, "covers are not something that the magazine does in a rush". He also said,"So when you have a cover that reminds people of King Kong and brings those stereotypes to the front, black man wanting white woman, it's not innocent."

WHAT BULLSHIT and Samir Husni is a BULLSHIT ARTIST! That black man only wanted the publicity. And so did the white woman.

The only thing this cover made me think of was, "Is that dress painted on?" And that was the only thing I considered, while standing in line at Super Fresh.

What does this picture say? Look at the poor black man with the mean ol' slave owner.

Now, to me, this picture is kind of scary. I mean, look at that gingivitis.