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Sunday, March 9, 2008

End of "The Wire"

Tonight airs the series finally of HBO's, "The Wire". Anyone who's a fan, of the show, is wondering how it's all going to end. My guess is that nothing will feel finished, after it airs.

How could it? The crime and corruption isn't finished in real life, Baltimore. This show is as real as it gets too. True, certain characters are probably more colorful than in real life but probably not by much of a stretch.

In reality, former Mayor and now Governor, Martin O'Malley is more outrageous and probably more corrupt than his likeness Tommy Carcetti.

If you have not watched the "The Wire" than go out and rent it. You won't be disappointed and you might come away feeling that you just watched the best show ever written, acted and produced yet never given it's due. Many critics likened it to modern day Shakespeare play. That, too, is not much of a stretch.

The sad parts of the show is that it mirrors real life events, to some degree. Weather it be the dark inner city street life and it's murder and drug addiction or the ineptitude and inability of the so called modern Police to police it.

How can the Police get ahead, being handcuffed by the politics and corrupt politicians that rule blue collar towns like Baltimore, MD or as the graffiti states, "Body More Murder Land". They are constantly robbing Peter to pay Paul, by diverting funds from the criminal justice system to the hopeless Baltimore City Public School System.

One system feeds into the other. Poor poorly educated students seeping out of the school system as soon as they are able; to get a seemingly better education on the street where they can earn, be promoted, run their own corner and eventually the business if they can survive the "dog eat dog world", out there. Not much different from what most people do, minus the guns.

Let's not forget to mention the dock's. In a post 9/11 society, cities like Baltimore, who rely heavily on the ports for commerce, have tremendous exposure which leaves the nation exposed. If you can ship in a bunch of hookers from Russia, what else can you bring in?

Back to the corrupt politicians; in their hasty run to get from one election to another (Governorship), Mayors tend to piss off a lot of people. Like the Federal Justice System and Department of Homeland Security. This leads to poor federal funding and no help for the desperate criminal justice system.

In the 5th and final season, we have seen how the media, too, can be corrupted. It can be swayed by politician's, duped by cops, politicked to death within itself, out wit itself and overwhelmed by a shrinking economy and the Internet.

There is no integrity left and I believe "The Wire", like the "Sopranos" has to end, with no end.

Real World Maryland Governor and Former Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley

and HBO's, "The Wire"
Baltimore Mayor and Maryland Gubernatorial Candidate Thomas Carcetti

There is something that's not alwhite with these pictures.



W said...

Well Ted, what do you think of your prediction now?

King Evil said...

I think that there is still unfinished business on the show so my prediction was accurate to say the least, Warren. It left a pretty good opportunity for a movie. Which I hear now is what may be happening with the Sopranos. - Theo

W said...

Even with the benefit of hindsight, you’re still wrong Teddy-boy. The Soprano’s ending is infamous for its complete lack of closure with only vague hints at what is about to occur.

The Wire, on the other hand, gives us closure on virtually every major character: Marlo back on the streets, being true to what he is; Chris in prison, chumming another solider turned lifer – Wee-Bay; Bunk and Kima still working murders; Lester getting his pension and still w/ his hot stripper girlfriend, Omar reincarnated as Michael – even down to being gay; Bubbles reincarnated as Duquan; Bubble reborn as “Reginald”. The list just goes on and on.

The whole point of The Wire is that the whole thing just keeps going on no matter who lives or who dies but the characters definitely have stories that having beginnings, middles and end.

So tell me Ted, just how did it end up for one of the greatest characters of all time – Tony Soprano?

King Evil said...

I think you proved my point, in your usual blow hard way; pun intended. The show could go and on and never be completed. There are still corruption and back ally deals in City Hall. Carcetti and Norise will hold hirer offices and run everything in a corrupt "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" way. Hell! The streets are no better than in season 1 and the schools still suck. There has been no closure when it comes to the Federal Government relationship and the media still is un-reliable.

I must have missed Michael turning gay but I guess you're more in tune with all of that.

- Theo