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Monday, March 31, 2008


Today is the best day of the season; Opening Day. It is the official start of summer, in my book. After today It will be one long season with very little excitement, unless a miracle happens.

Thank you Peter Angelos for preparing us, year after year, for no expectations. I think the fans of Baltimore baseball should file a class action against you for ruining our team.

Last year I took my son to see Cal Ripken Jr. get inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. I don't even see a player on the horizon with this team to get that achievement. So that memory will have to last a while.

I am happy that Peter finally decided to step out of the way, for now, and rebuild this team with a bunch of great looking prospects. We'll have to settle for the "Baby Birds" and I wish them tremendous success in a tough division.

Play Ball!