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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Out of Time?

I watched an interesting video about watches this morning. (Click the title and you can see it) Watch sales are down 20%, since 2006, for low to mid range watches.

It used to be an essential tool for people to have a watch and almost everyone had one. As far as gadgets went, you could always pick up a cheap time piece. Now, more and more people are carrying high tech devices that include a digital display of the time.

The younger generation consisting of 18-34 year old people don't have as much or any use for a watch. They now look to their cell phone, PDA or MP3 player, among other devices.

Luxury watch sales are still the same, however, as most people buy them as a symbol of status or for appearances rather than the need for a time piece. Let's face it, the rich also have the fanciest gadgets as well.

Personally, like other timeless devices, I don't think that watches will disappear. Analog watches were going to disappear when digital time pieces were introduced; remember? Motion pictures were going to go away with the advent of video. The horse was going into extinction with automobiles being introduced and the Ford making them affordable to all. Okay, maybe the horse is a stretch but Ford may be out of time.

I will admit one thing, however. My watch has been sitting in my dresser drawer, for months, because it needs a new battery. Maybe I should go out and get one of those self-winding oyster perpetual gadgets.

Oops; look at the time. Gotta go, I'm late!