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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Going Out On Top

Brett Favre announced that he is retiring, yesterday. If you're a real fan of NFL football, this news left an empty feeling in your stomach.

Brett Favre epitomized the game and what it's about. He always made it fun to watch no matter what team you cheer for. I almost always cheered for the Packers unless they were playing the Redskins or Ravens.

My personal 'favorite' NFL game, with the exception of Super Bowl XVII, is the Monday Night Football game immediately following the death of Brett's father. The game was so inspiring that a movie should be made about it. I will guarantee it is added to the top of your list of favorite sports movies. If you haven't seen the game, see if it is on DVD; you won't be disappointed.

This past season, too, was something to behold. Brett had looked like he was ready to retire several season's ago. If it were not for Tom Brady's play, this season, Brett may have added another MVP to his collection. He lead the youngest team in the NFL to the brink of the Super Bowl and proved he still had gas in his tank.