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Friday, February 22, 2008


Today I added a new music player at the top right hand side of my Blog. Basically it is a link, to one of my personalized stations that I created on Slacker.com. Please check it out.

Slacker.com is Internet based radio which, in my opinion, will start to be the way most people will start listening to music. Especially since Slacker has a relatively new music player that allows you to listen to Internet radio while on the go (Check out the player by clicking on the title of this blog). It does this through a satellite connection.

I'm still a big fan of my XM Radio but while at the office, I listen to Internet radio, almost exclusively. Slacker has no adds, just like XM, and can be customized to fit your music pleasure. Slacker also has a very diverse and extremely large library of music and comedy channels, all for free.

The basic version is great and fulfills my needs but you can upgrade to more robust versions if you want more functionality. One of my favorite things is a down loadable software player that can sit on your desktop or in your system tray and allows you to connect instantly.

I am not a Shill; I'm just truly impressed. And if they want me to beta test one of their players, I'm not opposed to it.