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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Is that duck wearing pants?

I just learned, the sad news, that Howard the Duck creator, Steve Gerber, has passed away.

Though Steve created many comic and cartoon characters over the years, he will always be known for Howard, the always angry cigar chomping duck, from another dimension. Howard, the unlikely hero residing in Cleveland, Ohio who finds himself in one bad situation after another.

He wound up on Earth due to a shift in the Cosmic Axis. He is really from an alternate Earth populated with what Gerber described as anthropomorphic creatures or animal creatures.

Out of place, even in Cleveland, Howard finds himself at home eventually. He even develops a relationship with a hot sidekick, Beverly Switzler, who eventually becomes his girlfriend.

Gerber's duck became very popular in the late 70's and 80's; developing a cult following that even liked a poorly done motion picture done by of all directors, George Lucas. He actually had a semi-love scene between Howard (A DUCK) and Beverly, who is played by Lea Thompson. Steve was not a consultant on the film.

Steve Gerber will be missed as not too many writers could have turned an absurd little duck, among human characters, into something that even comic fans would except.