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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Danny's Fantasy Football Team

I explained yesterday that I am a Redskins fan. Tonight, I am scratching my head at another Dan Snyder decision.

Snyder decided today that Jim Zorn was the best candidate to coach the team. The man he just hired a couple of weeks ago as the Offensive Coordinator. After weeks of interviewing some of the best in the business, available, he decided to pick an almost unknown.

Yes, Zorn was know during the 70's & early 80's as a half-way decent Quarterback for the Seahawks; but I had not heard his name for a couple of decades. His name did pop up, recently, as the QB coach that made Matt Hasselbeck a force to be reckoned with.

Dan Snyder is the real life incarnate of Richy Rich. He has so much money that he was able to purchase his childhood favorite team and make it one of the richest franchise sports teams, in the world. Who wouldn't want that distinction?

Despite that, he has not been able to find the winning formula that Jack Kent Cooke was able to pull together during the 80's and early 90's. He throws money hand over fist at veterans, past their prime in a lot of cases, who all seem to develop an injury bug as soon as they don the burgundy & gold.

I guess hiring Zorn goes against the grain, as far as his track record has gone for head coaching choices but... MAN.

I hope there is some good candidates, still available, for Offensive Coordinator. Maybe Zorn can get Congressman Steve Largent to drive on over from 'The Hill' on Sundays.