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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Damed Union Workers

Mexican migrant workers search for missing border between US and Mexico.

Hundreds of migrant workers were rounded up this morning and offered a very competitive wage to search for a 28 mile length of missing virtual fence, along the nation's border with Mexico. The 28 mile stretch is the pilot, 'Project 28', designed by Boeing.

The Bush administration has announced that the search for the $85.6 million invisible fence has delayed the full installation of the entire $7.6 billion 2000 mile fence along the entire border, until it is located. "There is no sense in wasting taxpayer dollars until we can secure our assets", a source, speaking under conditions of anonymity, working in the White House stated. We'll call him Jorge, from housekeeping.

The border was misplaced by Boeing employees, last Friday, right before they were prepared to hand it over to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) workers. "I don't understand it.", Boeing Foreman Norman Vargass said, "We set it aside for our lunch hours and when we returned, it was missing." He included, The union makes us eat, everyday, at 12:00 PM. This may indicate the last time anyone didn't see the virtual fence.

Another Boeing official said, in a prepared statement, "This is a minor set back and should be resolved soon." He also made an attempt at a positive spin by touting the technology that make this invisible fence so hard to see in the first place.

Jorge,from housekeeping, added "I don't understand it. First the Vice President's e-mails disappeared and now this..."

A $2 million credit, toward gates and fence posts along the fence, has been extended to DHS for their inconvenience.