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Friday, February 8, 2008

Grand Old Politians

Well today I found out my favorite Presidential candidate has dropped out of the race.

That's right! I'm a card carrying Republican; no apologies (except for the extreme right, of course).

I am saddened by Mitt Romney bowing out. He was a candidate I did not see coming but I could have seen him in office for the next 8 years, as I felt he was the only candidate the GOP had who was a well balanced conservative with the best interests of the country in mind.

Hucka who?

John McCain does not inspire me either and quite frankly I can't figure out how he keeps cropping up every year. Didn't he join the Democratic party a little while back.

Here's a thought I've had for some time now; isn't John McCain and Tom Coughlin the same person? They both keep hanging around, these two bitter old guys who hate everything they stand for and the people who stand with them.

I can't route for either man. They both look like a grandfather in need of fiber; just not mine.

Oh yeah; I hate the Giants too, as I am a Redskins fan through and through (Okay, I route for the Ravens also but only as my AFC team; head-to-head, the 'Skins' come first - (My friends love this about me).

DEMOCRATS... Who needs them, who wants them? If you like to raise taxes, increase spending, create a welfare state and ignore national security, I guess you do. Enjoy your 4 years of office as you undoubtedly will win this year.

Ann Coulter said this morning, in an interview with Matt Lauer on the Today Show, It would probably be better that Hillary Clinton win this election and we suffer for only the next 4 years than John McCain win and we suffer for the next 30. I might have to agree with Ann on this one.

We'll see what happens in November.