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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ocho Sink O

Yesterday, a rumor about the Redskins (Danny Snyder), started circulating about possible attempts to trade for Chad Johnson. Also mentioned, was that Cincinnati was not interested in trading Johnson. I say great; let him stay, in Ohio.

The Redskins do not need a disruptive element, in their locker room. With all of the other changes going on, in the organization, Chad Johnson would just create a diversion and be an obstacle for Jim Zorn who will have too many other issues to deal with like gaining the respect of his team who are not happy about the choice to make him their new Head Coach, in the first place.

Don't get me wrong, I like Chad Johnson and think he is as talented a receiver in the NFL as there is but he brings too much bullshit to the field and locker room. I also think that he would be a great addition to my AFC team, the Ravens. His attitude fits right into that locker room.

For Danny Boy to state that he wants to retain as much continuity on the team as possible, in the aftermath of Joe Gibbs resigning, he sure has a strange way doing it. I guess the Redskins are his Fantasy Football team and obtaining Ocho Cinco would be par for the course, for him.

What bothers me more is this talk about the Skins needing a 'Top' receiver. They have a top receiver and his name is Santana Moss. Last year we started to see a great chemistry being developed between Jason Campbell and Antwaan Randel El, as well. Don't sell them too short and bring in a guy who will have to be paid way more than he's worth. Especially when the team is already having cap issues.

Oh yeah! Who are they going to trade for Johnson, a 1st round pick or two? He's not worth it. The Skins need help on the offensive line, the secondary or a good backup QB, since it looks like their sending Todd Collins and Mark Brunell packing. Maybe Danny can go out and get Trent Green back. No, that wouldn't work; Al Saunders is in St. Louis now. Maybe somebody with a few less years on him... I know! How about trading for Donavan McNabb!