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Saturday, April 19, 2008

We'll have a gay old time...

Chelsea Clinton and Companion

Chelsea Clinton with Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell took a cue from her mother, Senator Hillary Rodham-Clinton Jr., and did a little bar hopping in Philadelphia yesterday.

The two of them, along with her entourage, visited a number of gay bars that Rendell seemed very familiar with and they handed out hugs,kisses and fashion advise. "Governor Rendell and Senator John Kerry used to patronize these locations together several years back", recalled regular, Peter Inarse.

One lucky patron was ecstatic, when she was able to grab Chelsea's "taught ass". Kitty Moister then declared, "I will fill in Hillary's ballot, for sure".

In all, Chelsea and party visited 4 bars total. There is no news on whether or not Chelsea threw any shots back, like her mother.