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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Do we live in a Chinese Democracy?

It's like watching a very long Ping Pong match when, watching the Clinton and Obama camps give speeches.

Just a couple of days after Willie Jeff Clinton blundered through a cringing all too late and unnecessary stump speech in defense of Hillary's fact stumbling recollection of her visit while ducking under sniper fire to war torn Bosnia, Obama volleyed back with a speech about small town voters. He called them "bitter".

Yes indeed; Obama referred to working class voters as, economically frustrated people in small towns that get bitter and “cling to guns or religion”, to explain their feelings.

You bet your sweet bippy that Hillary is ripping him a new ass over these remarks, accusing him of elitism, as they came just 10 days before a primary in Pennsylvania. John McCain's campaign piled on Obama too, releasing a statement that accused him of elitism, as well.

At a campaign rally in Wilson, N.C., former state Democratic Party chairman and current Clinton adviser Tom Hendrickson said rural voters don't need "liberal elites" telling them what to believe. Willie Jeff Clinton was the featured speaker of the rally but avoided commenting on Obama's remarks. When asked about it afterward, he said simply, "I agree with what Hillary said".

Obama later said he regretted offending anyone Saturday, explaining his remarks while also conceding he had chosen his words poorly. "If I worded things in a way that made people offended, I deeply regret that,".