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Monday, April 28, 2008

Harry Ass

Here is an interesting debate about our tax system. Interviewer Jan Helfeld finds himself in a debate with the very unqualified Senate Majority Leader, from Nevada, Harry Reid about weather or not taxes are voluntary or not.

Reid explains that taxes are voluntary to the tax payer. When questioned about whether tax payers have a choice as to pay taxes or not, Reid contradicts himself and says that of course the tax payer has to pay taxes. He then tries to weakly explain that we have options through "loop holes" not to pay certain taxes and that's why it's a "voluntary system".

The fact of the matter is Harry Reid is a pompous idiot who can't find his ass with both hands much less explain our tax and judicial system.

In addition; Reid is the perfect compliment to the always complaining but never having a good solution, other than to tax everyone, broken democratic party. He's a deflating capitulate blowhard, on a podium, who is detrimental to our citizen's and more importantly our troop moral.

Listen to Comedian Dennis Miller's very sober analysis of Reid: