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Monday, April 14, 2008

Curse of the Mussina

Hey Yankees, suck it!

It's good to know the New York Yankees are in good hands, now that senile old George Steinbrenner is not capable of running the show.

Hank Steinbrenner, George's son, now in charge of the club decided that it was a good idea to dig up a portion of the new Yankee stadium, scheduled to open in 2009, and seek out a rumored to be buried David Ortiz jersey.

Gino Castignoli, a BoSox fan and former Gambino Family Shylock living in the Bronx, buried the jersey in freshly poured cement last summer while working on the construction site. Then, the other day, the dumb ass shot off his mouth about what he did and it was reported in the New York Post.

Initially the Yankees front office released a press announcement that said all of this was a joke and no one buried a Red Sox jersey in the construction; the New York Post didn't know what they were talking about.

I guess Steinbrenner had second thoughts, and fearing a curse might be placed on the new stadium, instructed workers to jackhammer and rip up the new construction to find the jersey.

Guess what? They actually located it.

Now, Yankee Chief Operating Officer Lonn Trost speculated that Castignoli could be on the hook for criminal mischief. "Even if Castignoli ends up safe from those charges, he said, we're thinking of a civil case, looking for money damages." "Yesterday's excavation alone cost the team $50,000", Trost said. Even though the actual digging took two workers just 15 minutes.

$50,000 to dig up 2 Ft. of concrete! The actual digging took two workers 15 minutes to do. If you think about it, I guess, that really was a bargain compared to what they spend on players.

Curse averted?

Maybe a BoSox curse but let's get real. The Yankees have been playing under a curse, ever since they signed Mike Mussina. That's right; the Bronx Bombers have not been able to even buy a championship since stealing him away from the Orioles in 2001 when I hexed them with this centuries new Baseball curse.

Laugh all you want but since I cursed them in 2001, the "Curse of the Bambino" and the "Black Sox" curse on the White Sox have both been eliminated as they have both won World Series titles. Soon, you'll probably even see the Cubs win a series but not the boys in dark blue pinstripes. Oh you'll see them make it as far as the ALCS or even get in the World Series but that's it; they won't get the coveted ring.

Keep pissing that money away and giving your pitchers steroids and HGH, Steinbrenner's. It'll go over real well when everybody including your fans start feeling the recession. Hey! Did you get a sub-prime interest loan on the new stadium? I hope so.

In other baseball news: Boston Red Sox Slugger, David Ortiz, continued his slump yesterday as the Sox left him out of the line up against the New York Yankees.