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Thursday, June 26, 2008

This Buds for Who?

European InBev Targets American Anheuser-Busch

Why would InBev want Anheuser-Busch, other than for the marketing engine that it is? The beers suck, as do most American lagers, ales and pilsners (with the exception of micro brews) and couldn't possibly sell well in Europe, where the best beers in the world are made.

The maker of Bass Ale, Stella Artois and other very good European brews believe that it will not only benefit InBev but it will benefit Anheuser-Busch as well. InBev chief Carlos Brito who proposed the $46 billion takeover of Anheuser-Busch foresees higher profits for InBev in part by helping his company sell Budweiser in French bistros, German beer gardens, Chinese nightclubs and similar spots around the globe. "We have operations in 130 countries ... and that would be a great platform to develop that brand."

This picture says it all

I can't see any Anheuser-Busch products fitting in with European brands, at all.

They will like the marketing though.

One of my favorite posters from college

Doesn't Europe already have a Budweiser, of their own, made in the Czech Republic?