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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Say It Ain't So, JO

What a class the Pro Football Hall of Fame will have, in 2013. First Brett Favre retires followed by Warren Sapp, Michael Strahan and now Jonathan Ogden. All will be 1st ballot selections in five years. Steve McNair is a maybe on the first ballot but probably not with Farve; and maybeeeee (keeeeep stretching though) Jason Taylor but the jury is still out as to his worthiness much less being a 1st ballot selection.

Jonathan Ogden, who played his college ball at UCLA, was the 1st selection ever by the Baltimore Ravens in the 1996 draft. JO, probably could have picked any university he wanted in the Ivy League he's that smart, is arguably the best Left Tackle to have ever played the game as he redefined the position.

The 11 time Pro Bowl selection and Super Bowl Champion was bigger, faster, more athletic and more intelligent than anyone before or during his carrier. He was quite literally a "Shut Down Left Tackle", the most important position on the offensive line.

At 6' 9" 345 lbs. Ogden made opponents scared and made Running Backs and Quarterbacks feel delighted to have him. Jamal Lewis ran for the 2nd best ever season, as a Running Back, in NFL history. He made Trent Dilfer look good; so good, he Quarterbacked a Super Bowl winning team.

It's too bad that JO doesn't have a couple more seasons in him. It would have been interesting to see him play in John Harbaugh's system, before he retired. The bitter sweet part of it all is that he won't be walking out with Ray Lewis. Ray and JO were both drafted in the 1st round of 1996. Both men are as respected and touted as possibly the best to have played their positions and both are in the twilight of their carriers.

Perhaps Ogden, being the 1st ever pick by the Baltimore Ravens, should definitively be the first ever Raven selected to the Hall of Fame. That won't be bitter.


Alei Kat said...

Jason Taylor will be too busy modeling.