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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Boy Scouts Triumph Over Tragedy

"Be Prepared"

Say what you will about state of The Boy Scouts of America these days but the tornado that touchdown directly on a group of Scouts, in Iowa yesterday, left tragedy and an indelible reminder about what the organization is really about.

The tragedy of seeing four of your young friends die in front of you by such a horrific force of nature known as an "Act of God" would leave many youths shocked and incapacitated. For the 93 Scouts gathered for a week long leadership training session it became a call to action.

As they waited for rescuers to literally cut their way through a mile of felled trees the able Scouts formed triage areas to provide First Aid to their fellow injured friends. They dug them out of debris and rubble, mended wounds and comforted them until they could be seen by professional first responders and transported to hospitals where many are in intensive care. Ironically, the day before, these same Scouts had gone through a mock scenario of a tragedy and learned how to do this.

Say what you will about The Boy Scouts of America these days but it's still about building leaders with character and instilling them with bravery and preparedness.