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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pass the Torch (and make the new guy brave the snakes)

Indiana Jones and the
Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Today, 20 years after the last Indiana Jones movie, we finally get a fourth installment to the highly successful collaboration between Steven Spielberg and George Lucus.

Nobody rushes George Lucus.

Spielberg directs this one; Lucus wrote the screenplay. I can't wait to see it even if the critics are less enthusiastic about it.

Harrison Ford, looking very fit being almost 68 years old and all (Really! He was born, July 13, 1942), returns as the lead. He reportedly held up pretty good during filming. It must be that Calista Flockhart diet, he's on.

Unfortunately, Sean Connery, now retired, decided not to reprise his role of Indie's father. Connery, incidentally, is only 12 years older than Ford, as he was born on August 25, 1930. The casting of them as father and son always bothered Connery, a bit, but there must be some similarity as both actors have aged gracefully.

There is somewhat of a passing of the torch in this installment as Shia LaBeouf joins the cast. LaBeouf, star of 2007's Transformers, seems to be the new Action/Adventure star in all of the new blockbusters. Naturally; Harrison Ford, who knows a thing or two about action/adventure movies that turn into franchises, should be the guy to hand over the whip and Fedora.

Suddenly, I feel very old.