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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

American Idol Gets It Right?

The American Idol finale, tonight, wrapped up it's most talent filled and yet most boring season, to date.

David Cook was dubbed the American Idol to the chagrin of many David Archuleta fans. Let's face it, Cook may not have had as nice a voice as Archuleta but it wasn't bad and he had much more talent. Cook is also more marketable in mainstream music. Let's face also that Archuleta is not going to walk away a looser as he will go on and carve out a nice carrier; especially after he sheds his meddling dad.

Next season, American Idol better take a look at their formula and revamp some things. This season was a disaster as it always seemed to be on the verge of boring people to sleep. It may be a singing contest but if the singer has no personality then what's the point?

Case in point; Amanda Overmyer. It was so painful to watch her on stage with her robotic dance moves and then she sang... and sang again. What a monstrosity! Even Brooke White looked like she had someone other person's two left feet; maybe they were Archuleta's.

They have got to get it right next year.
'Bride of Frankenstein', Amanda Overmyer