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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Passing of a Hollywood Legend

Academy Award winning Director, Producer and Actor of stage, screen and television, Sydney Pollack lost his battle with cancer yesterday; he was 73.

Pollack was one of the best directors in Hollywood as his list of movies will attest. He directed a long list films like, Three Days of the Condor, Absence of Malice, Tootsie, The Firm and The Interpreter to name some of his best work. Most recently he gave us Michael Clayton and Leatherheads. It was in 1985, however, that Pollack was awarded with an Oscar for Out of Africa. He has worked with and developed some the elite, in Hollywood; from Dustin Hoffman to Tom Cruise to Nicole Kidman to George Clooney. The list goes on and on.

Perhaps Sydney Pollack's ability to work with great actors stems from his ability to act, himself. Pollack was a pretty good actor as he could be seen in many movies that either he directed or produced. A testament to his acting chops, however, may be that he was in many films that he did not direct or produce. He even had parts in several television series, most notably perhaps, a recurring role on HBO's The Sopranos.

Sydney Pollack will be missed.