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Friday, September 5, 2008

This is Not Exactly the Game Plan We had in Mind

I said go for a completion; what was it you didn't understand?

The Redskins stumbled out of the gate, for a loss (16-7), as they opened their season last night against the New York Giants. They were never able to find a rhythm and the offense sputtered some how managing to put points on the board late in the 1st half.

Clinton Portis ran pretty well and would have had more yards had Jason Campbell been able to establish a sustained passing attack. Despite that, Antwaan Randle El had decent numbers gaining 73 yards on 7 catches. Rock Cartwright was a beast gaining 145 yard on 5 returns with a 29 yard per carry average and almost broke a long run for a touchdown.

The Defense allowed 154 yard rushing, Brandon Jacobs getting 116 of them and Plaxico Burress had 10 catches for 133 yards.

They only allowed 1 touchdown, though! On a 1 yard Eli Mannning run.

Bottom Line: It was frustrating to watch and that was just the expression Jim Zorn had.


Aunt Titty said...

dude, painful game - the only play worth watching was the moss TD at the end of the first half - they looked PATHETIC

Zorn needs to get his shit together.

King Evil Theo said...

Oh… It's deeper than that.

Little Danny Snyder and his "minion me" Vinny Cerrato need to be put in a box that warns, "Don't Ever Break Glass" on it and the Skins need new management.

Picking Zorn to be Head Coach is as asinine as if a nation elected some guy to run it with no history of running anything, in the first place.

Aunt Titty said...

Danny Boy and his Cousin Vinnie have created a mockery of Cooke's legacy...but i do like zorn