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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rally Round the Rookie's

The Baltimore Ravens new era lead by Rookie's, Head Coach John Harbaugh and Quarterback Joe Flacco was off to the races today.

The Ravens rushed for a combined 229 yards with 4 carriers; the quarterback having the least amount with 37 yards and a touchdown.

The Defense played as we have come to expect them to; Fantastic! They recovered 2 fumbles, 1 interception, allowed 3 runners only 65 yards rushing, 6 receivers 99 yards receiving and allowed only 4 points total.

The play by 2nd year Running Back Le'Ron McClain was one of the best stories of the game as he had a combined 100 yards, rushing for 86 and receiving for 24.

If not for a fumble by Rookie Running Back Ray Rice, who otherwise played very well with 64 yards rushing and 19 yards receiving, the Bengals would not even have found the End Zone. Sure-footed, 19 year veteran, Matt Stover missed a field goal.

Most peculiar, to me, was the play of Todd Heap who seemed to have left his hands in the locker room, as he missed ball after ball; including a sure touchdown in the back of the End Zone. He also lost a fumble. Not a good day for Heap. Todd has missed a lot of football due to injury this preseason and the last few seasons. He has got to step up his play. My advise; stop praying so much, practice more and sign a damned autograph once in while you stuck up non-NFL star... I digress.

Bottom Line: The Ravens played inspired football today and look like they could compete this season, with a lot of young talent, if they stay focused and healthy.