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Monday, September 22, 2008

Democratic Help for Denver?

By Adamned Schefter

Democrats in Denver have even more reason to love their party; democrats in San Diego even less.

Before the real controversial play in which Denver was handed a victory by way of a shameful call reminiscent of plays called by NBA referee, Tim Donaghy, was another less controversial play in which Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey stripped the football from Chargers wide receiver Chris Chambers as they fell to the ground.

The ruling on the field was a fumble, and when official, Ed Hochuli, went to the booth to see if the on-field call stood, the replay machine was not working.

Not working?

Well, it turns out that the replay machine was removed from its usual spot for the Democratic National Convention. It was reinstalled for the Broncos’ first home game since the convention, just before game time. An equipment glitch kicked in at the least opportune time, for the Chargers`.

The NFL states that the play would probably not have been overturned anyway and that the correct call was more than likely made. Still, Bronco fan Democrats, in Colorado, have reason to love their party even more while Democrats in San Diego have reason to love theirs less.

San Diego Democrats will now probably vote for McCain, according to the latest polls.


W said...

The Democrats have California in the bag so we can afford to lose a few votes in San Diego. BRONCO LOVE BABY!!!

Alei Kat said...

it was all a conspiracy! muuaahhh ha ha ha ha ha