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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Joe Flacco Gets the Nod as He is the Last Man Standing

The Joe Flacco era starts earlier than expected. As he is the only healthy option, for new coach John Harbaugh. Flacco will start the season opener.

According to Flacco, he prefers it this way. He says it's the only way he know how to learn. The Ravens would have preferred a different route but must go with plan C.

Baltimore is snake bitten having once thrown a 1st round Quarterback selection, Kyle Boller, into immediate action. That did not go so well, as they found Boller to be impetuous under center. For all of his arm strength he lacked the mental fortitude to be a reliable starter and seems more destined to be a very good backup.

Flacco, on the other hand, appears to be a full package QB. At 6'6", 230 lbs., he has a very commanding presence. He has a 1000 mile stare and a very good arm.

What the Ravens will have to do to make Flacco successful is grow up quickly on the line of scrimmage, as they are very young. They will also have do better at the receiver positions, stay healthy at tight end and establish the run. The latter will have to be done by a rookie as well, Ray Rice, as Willis McGahee is banged up. Rice looks to have some pretty good skills, tough. In addition, the Ravens also acquired Redskins Tailback Marcus Mason, who lead the league in rushing this pre-season. Mason will start on the Ravens practice squad.

Bottom line: The Ravens have a long road to go but the Harbaugh era is only getting started. As long as he gives his QB the proper tools and protection the Ravens should be pretty successful. Hey! it took Brian Billick 2 seasons to win a Super Bowl.