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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Go Chicago!

You may have read or if you gander at the art work on either column of this blog that I am a Baltimore Orioles fan. If you follow this Blog you may have also notice that I did not write much, with the exception of 'Opening Day', about my beloved Orioles. That's because I am a frustrated Orioles fan.

The Orioles are owned by an attorney, Peter Angelos, who made his fortune as an ambulance chaser who scooped up every victim of asbestos related illnesses and earned them money in a class action lawsuit. He, of course, made out like bandit financially; typical of most attorneys in his type of practice lucky enough to find a cluster of unfortunate victims of some man made epidemic.

I often wonder which attorney will pick up the baton and run with a class action case for Oriole fans who want to sue Peter Angelos for making us sick year in and year out about the downward spiral of a once great franchise. There has to be some kind of mental health related illness we all have. We can call it it Baseball Stress Disorder or BSD, for short. Maybe we could persuade John Grisham to take up our cause or at least write about us in one of his novels so everyone could be aware of the symptoms.

All that being said there couldn't be a place with more victims of BSD than the city of Chicago. The White Sox had gone a stretch of 88 years without a World Series win until they won it all in 2005. The Cubs, however, have gone a complete 100 years since their last title. I don't give a rat's ass about Boston and their situation so I won't give you their experience with the cursed BSD.

Being a baseball fan in the 21st century isn't at all what it was like in 20th century. I miss those non-steroids days. Or at least not knowing about it.

If I can't rout for the O's, for yet another post season, let me just say: