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Monday, July 7, 2008

The G8's Green Plan Orchistrated by France...

Camouflage the problem

In 2005 the Group of 8 (G8) summit leaders made a promise to increase foreign aid, by $50 billion, by the year 2010. Half of those dollars were to go to Africa.

Activists, at this year's Japan summit, are protesting that the G8 nations are skimming on the proceeds for Africa. In particular France, Canada and Italy. Go figure. We're talking about France and Italy. Canada may as well be France and they were an after thought to the G8 to begin with. It was originally the G7. None of these nations have ever paid their debts to the world.

The truth is France, Italy and Canada have devised a new "Green Earth" initiative and will unveil it during this summit.

They have devised a plan to melt the polar ice caps and let them drain into Africa's great land mass. Problem solved.

The idea struck French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Canada Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi while they were vacationing together in Indonesia in 2004. They were still working out the details during the 2005 summit, when they made the foreign aid promise, but they knew it might work before they had to fulfill it.

While frolicking together in the Sumatra surf on December 26, 2004, they all had a revelation. Why not flood Africa? Out of sight out of mind solves everything; doesn't it?