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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

LaVar Arrington is an Idiot

Lavar Arrington showed his ass in this recent interview, below. He was a stupid player that couldn't figure out a game plan and so he 'freelanced'. In doing so, he shortened his career because he threw himself around with reckless abandon. Now he takes shots at a legendary coach, in the Hall of Fame and the owner that treated him like a brother.

I don't care for Dan Snyder for, more than anything, taking too good a care of pre-Madonna players like Arrington and not watching out for the team's better interests, as a whole. But he never betrayed Arrington. If anything, it was the other way around. He's an idiot for even thinking anyone gives a rat's ass about his overpaid ass and his opinion.

Report: Arrington calls Gibbs 'coward', rips Snyder

by FOXSports.com

LaVar Arrington clearly still holds some ill feelings toward the Washington Redskins. And now he's speaking his mind.

In a recent interview with The Washington Times, Arrington took some serious shots at former Redskins coach Joe Gibbs as well as owner Daniel Snyder.

"I called Joe Gibbs a coward for leaving," Arrington said, according to a report on the Web site of The Washington Times. "You came in, you made some money for your NASCAR team. No one else is going to say that. I'm sure more people thought I was a (jerk) for saying that. Joe wouldn't call me because he knows. There are a lot of people who know the truth about what went down with me and the Redskins."

After that powerful diatribe against his one-time coach, who left the Redskins with one year left on his five-year contract, Arrington turned his attention to Snyder.

"I think Dan Snyder is scared to death of me," Arrington said. "He won't look at me. I tried to shake his hand at that luncheon. He shook my hand and was like, 'How you doing, LaVar?' and kept moving. I'm probably the only person that's ever stood up to him and never backed down. I actually humbled myself to call Dan after Sean (Taylor) passed away to try to bury whatever me and him had going on between us. He called me back, and it was almost like he was reading a script. I root for the Redskins because how I feel about the fans outweighs how the organization treated me. I always take pleasure in taking jabs at Dan because people like him need that. There's got to be a person out there who's not afraid to do it."

Neither Gibbs nor Snyder returned comment for the Times' piece.