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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Congratulations Art Monk & Darrell Green

2008 Pro Football Hall of Fame Inductees
of the Washington Redskins


Aunt Titty said...

You just brought a tear to my eye...came over to the "dark side" only to be happily surprised that my sister and her family actually have friends who are TRUE Skins fans...I'm so touched. Riggins, Monk and Green - three of the Greats and three of my personal favorites. I will drink a beer in celebration of Monk's much deserved and WELL OVERDUE induction to the Hall of Fame.

King Evil Theo said...

Welcome to the "Dark Side", Aunt Titty. You know what they say; don't you? "Once you go black, you may want to put cream and an artificial sweetner in next time". I think that's how it goes. You may want to ask our good friend Ross C., for verification. Glad you're a Skins fan. Remember, when you go to the booths in November, the Skins have only won championships when Republicans are in office. They may have missed their opportunity this go round, though.

Aunt Titty said...

Haaaaaa - Yes, will have to verify that w/ Uncle Ross, I'm not convinced. Ask Alex and Dub how impressed they are with my voting tendencies...

On another, yet still related note, Mr. Green was just a bit pompous in his acceptance speech, but Mr. Monk, ever humble and love-able as ever.